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Michael Reissdeskof

Welcome to the
Inaugural Relaunch Issue of
Arts Management Magazine.
50 years in the making.

In 1962 Alvin Toffler and my father, Alvin “Skip” Reiss, published the first issue of Arts Management thereby pioneering Arts
Management as an industry. Arts Management was applauded by JFK’s White House, and was published for the next 50 years,
until my father’s passing.
After a career as a recording artist and writer, and working on various charitable events, I am humbled to pick up the torch. The newly
redesigned Arts Management Magazine is now dedicated not only to the business of the Arts, but to Philanthropy as well. AMM is a
resource designed to inspire others to view the creative fields as a catalyst for change, while offering insights into the broad spectrum of
the performing and visual Arts.
Imagine a world where the Arts and technology, Beats and Beethoven, philanthropy and celebrity artists, all meet on the same page.
These are the pages of Arts Management Magazine. AMM will pay reverence to the past while boldly leaping into the future. In the
spirit of AMM’s 50th Anniversary, this issue features key milestones including:

• A celebration the 40th anniversary of Barbara Pyle’s intimate, never before seen
  artistic photographs of Bruce Springsteen while he created Born to Run.

• A glimpse into the colorful world of iconic artist Peter Max 50 years after he
  inspired the Beatles.

• A profile of one of America’s greatest treasures, singer and painter, and philanthropist
  Tony Bennett.

• A leap into the future with 16 year-old Street Art sensation, Skylar Grey; Robert Lynch,
  President & CEO of Americans for the Arts, discussing the future of not-for-profit arts;
  and AMM explores two sides of The Banksy Effect, one a Banksy confidant, the other
  the biggest dealer of original Banksy street art.


Hand in hand with showcasing people of influence and passion in the Arts, AMM will also shine a spotlight on the causes and
charities nearest and dearest to their hearts. Please join us on this journey, because the Arts & Philanthropy, now and always, are
the truest reflection of the light that burns within.

                                                                                                    Michael Reiss CEO & Publisher
                                                             Please feel free to connect with me directly:

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