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CONTENTS                             VOLUME 1 RE-ISSUE 1 MMXVI

4	 From the Desk of Michael Reiss    AMM SPOTLIGHTED CAUSES
6	 Our History by Walter Timoshenko  & CHARITIES
7	 Our Founders
                                     20	 Gene Simmons
FEATURES	                            	 Mending Kids
                                     26	 Justin Baldoni
8	 Peter Max
14	 Bruce Springteen Portraits       	 Zach Sobiech
54	 Skyler Greyn                     	 Osteosarcoma Fund
60 	Banksy
                                     29	 Roberto Clemente Jr
                                     	 Food for the Hungry
12	 Jed Bernstein
                                     30	 Barbara Lazaroff
	 Former President, Lincoln Center
                                     	 Israel Cancer Research
22	 Monika Blaumueller               	 Big Brothers Big Sisters

	 TED Talk Speaker                   35	 Daniel Puder

24	 GrandMixer DXT                   	 My Life My Power

	 Hip Hop Innovator                  38	Walter Timoshenko

26	 Joe Grano                        	 Arts Empowerment

	 Broadway Producer                  44	 Domingo Zapata

32	 Robert Margouleff                	 We are the Oceans

	 Music Producer                     51	 Tony Bennett

37	 Robert Lynch                     	 Exploring the Arts
	 President of Americans for
                                     53	 Sheila Jaffe & DMC
	 the Arts
                                     	 The Felix Organization
40	 Tisha Fein
                                     53	 Emmylou Harris
	 Talent Producer
                                     	 Bonaparte’s Retreat
43	 Robert L. Johnson
                                     AMM INSPIRED
	 Founder of BET and RLJ Companies   WITH JERRY GLADSTONE

AMM SPOTLIGHTS                       33	 Quentin Tarantino &
                                     	 Daniel Puder
23	 Brian Gormley                    50	 Tony Bennett
27	 Saleemah Knight
28	Breedlove                         AMM INSIGHT
41	 Rachael Valpone
46	 Nolah Elan                       46	 Robert Duvall
48	 Museum Ludwig

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                      DEB RUSSO, CREATIVE DIRECTOR

                          We are excited to announce we have brought on a new Creative Director – Deb Russo. In her new
                          role, Deb will focus on growing AMM with a creative-first mentality, rooted in strong typography and
                          graphics. Deb has been a graphic designer for over 20 years and has experience in all facets of design.
                          Focus is kept on simple clean design. She is an alumnus of New York’s School of Visual Arts.

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