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Craft Beverage

               his apple trees and, instead of making ice wine, he   farm and were trying to decide what to do with
               developed the technique to produce what would        the property. “Once we tasted these complex and
               later be named by Pouliot: Ice Cider. Over 20 years   sweet Ice Ciders, we knew what our new venture
               have passed since that Ice Cider at Domaine Neige    was going to be,” she said. “One thing led to anoth-
               (translates to “snow”) was born and today François   er and we returned home, started planting apples
               and wife Stéphanie Beaudoin are devoted entirely     and learned how to make these delicacies.”
               to making Ice Cider. They have earned over 150
               international distinctions.                            Today there are over 60 Ice Cider producers
                                                                    around the world, from Canada, the United States,
                 The two men helped to create an entire industry    Norway, Denmark and Argentina.
               (a new category of product). Ice Cider. Cidre de
               Glace, as it’s known in Quebec.  One had the inspi-                 What is Ice Cider?
               ration and the other had helped to develop the
               process. “It was by mistake,” François said, of his     Ice Cider is a delicious and sophisticated sweet
               venture into a new industry. “I originally wanted to   wine made from apples. It has remarkable com-
               do ice wine. But it made sense: apple and our cold   plexity, boasts intense apple flavors with sweetness
               winters are fundamental to our terroir. Growing      and acidity to balance the flavors. It is typically
               grapes in Quebec is possible but it is more linked to  served chilled in a white wine glass with a tulip
               a prowess and not very representative of who we      shape or an official Ice Cider glass, preferably
               are and where we come from.”                         served with cheese, charcuteries or buttery-creamy
                 Ice Cider came to Vermont thanks to Eleanor
               Leger, co-owner and cider maker at Eden Ice Cider      Is it a wine? Is it a cider? Currently it is considered
               Company in West Charlestown, Vermont. While          a cider, but in 2003 François was invited to present
               visiting her in-laws during Christmas of 2006 she    at the Grand Vinexpo in Bordeaux. In 2006 he was
               tasted Domaine Neige’s Ice Cider. She and her hus-   invited to attend prestigious Vinoble, dessert wine
               band had recently purchased an abandoned dairy       show, in Spain. You can decide which one you think

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