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Craft Beverage

               it is. Perhaps both.
                             Quebec Regulations

                 In an effort to build a foundation for this industry
               to follow, François helped to create the Quebec
               Regulations to regulate and keep the integrity of
               ice ciders. Vermont has also adopted these regula-
               tions, using 100% Vermont apples.

                 Among some of the requirements are:

               •  Processing and bottling in the designated geo-
                  graphic area
               •  Must consist of late-harvest apples from the
                  Quebec region (from the owner/apple grower)
               •  The alcohol level must be of at less 9% and not
                  more than 13% by volume
               •  The residual sugar content must be of at least
                  140 g/l
               •  Pressing must take place between December 1
                  and March 1
               •  There are two methods of concentration of sug-
                  ars permitted:
                  - Cryoconcentration (Autumn harvest: concen-
                  tration of sugars in apple juice after pressing)
                  - Cryoextraction (Winter harvest: concentration
                  of sugars in the apple before pressing)
               •  Pre-fermentation sugar content of not less than
                  30° Brix
               •  Only natural cold can be used for the concen-
                  tration of sugars
               •  Organoleptic evaluation by an accreditation

                 It is important to note that apple juice, in these
               rules, means “apple juice that may be concentrated
               by over ripening or natural partial dehydration of
               the apples and by the action of heat of natural or
               artificial cold on the apples or on the juice”.

                     What type of apples work best?

                 You can make cider from any kind of cider apples,
               but Eleanor says “Don’t over think the varieties.
               Currently there are six varieties that are wide-
               ly planted and used in ciders, Cortland, Empire,
               Spartan, McIntosh, Liberty and Rome. Lately we’re
               seeing Honeycrisp Ice Ciders also.”

                 The majority of producers harvest in autumn,

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