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Craft Beverage

               ferentiate themselves
               by using different tech-
               niques, different blends
               or different yeasts.
               Longer fermentation,
               sparkling vs still Ice
               Ciders. Some cideries
               are using as many as 15
               apples in a blend. One
               cidery uses the closed
               vat method, which is not
               widely used in sparkling
               cider production. This
               method produces very
               fine effervescent ciders,
               from the signature of
               the dominant apples.
               The closed circuit pre-
               vents air from altering
               the cider. In essence,
               the entire bouquet of
               the apple is bottled. All
               ciders have different fla-
               vor profiles.

                                Tasting Notes                       a wonderful pure apple flavor as well as the
                                                                    characteristic sweetness and zesty finish of the
                 Here are some tasting notes (from three different   Honeycrisp apple.  It is excellent with sharp cheese
               producer’s websites) to better acquaint you with     before or after dinner, or to complement desserts.
               the flavors of an Ice Wine.                          Try pouring this over ice cream.”

                        Domaine Neige, Neige Ice Cider                We are witnessing the explosion of the craft cider
                                                                    industry in cooler regions of the world. “Ten years
                 “Amber colored, Neige Premiere is a rich cider     ago, we didn’t have Ice Cider category for compe-
               that is very well balanced between sweet and tart.   titions. Now we are included in wine contests in
               The full bodied wine has the structure and versatil-  both Ice Cider and Dessert Wine categories,” said
               ity to serve as an aperitif with spicy or salty appe-  François.
               tizers, as a complement to foie gras or game, as a
               desert wine or as a nightcap.”                         If you think sweet, dessert wines aren’t your
                                                                    thing, try Ice Cider before you make your final
                          Domaine Pinnacle, Ice Cider               judgement. Try it as a cocktail, an aperitif or a
                                                                    granita (an Italian-inspired frozen dessert similar
                 “The color is a golden yellow with light reflec-   to a sorbet). Enjoy a Sparkling Ice Cider it on New
               tions. On the nose it is pure and clean, the aroma   Year’s Eve or for any celebration.
               of freshly-picked ripe apple with striking intensity.
               On the palate it’s a crisp, flavorful attack. A perfect
               balance of sugar and acidity. Perfect as an aperitif
               or to accompany sharp cheese (Cheddar or goat) or
               veined cheese (blue) and desserts. Serve chilled.”

                 Eden Ice Cider Company, Honeycrisp Ice Cider

                 “This single-varietal Honeycrisp Ice Cider has

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