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Craft Beverage

               Interview with the Experts:

               Cleaning & Maintenance By: Tracey L. Kelly

                W         hen someone dreams of developing a          Fortunately, the life of craft brewing and distill-
                                                                    ing is rich with individuals who share their exper-
                          craft beverage, thoughts include how
                          the experience might appeal to all sens-
                                                                    three such people: Matt Fields of Glacier Tanks in
                          es, bring people together and maybe,      tise to help others. We tapped the knowledge of
               earn accolades from the public and esteemed          Vancouver, Washington (; Bryce
               peers.                                               Schaffter of Cinder Block Brewery in North Kansas
                                                                    City, Missouri (; and Russ
                 This vision rarely includes trying to clear a clogged   Wehrle of Butterworth, Inc., in Houston, Texas
               drip tray and blowing a tower of sludge six feet     (
               high against the back tap wall.
                                                                      Fields is a technical assistant who works in prod-
                 Behind the mahogany bar, designer glasses and      uct development and quality assurance at Glacier
               backlit pictures of ingredients is the unglamorous   Tanks. The company provides standard and cus-
               life of cleaning and maintenance. It’s often a wea-  tomized stainless steel equipment, fittings, pumps,
               rying, tedious task without shortcuts, but it’s the   hoses, valves and other products for beverage mak-
               only way to ensure product quality.                  ers.
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