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               By: Dan Minutillo, APC
                W          hen I first started practicing law about   must comply or face time-consuming, expensive

                                                                    consequences. This article is about bioterrorism
                           40 years ago, reading, let alone writing
                           an article about bioterrorism and craft
                           beverages would have been unfath-        compliance burdens affecting small craft breweries.
                                                                    NEW REALITY
               omable, to understate. Writing this article now is a
               clear sign of the times, dangers, and reality that we     I distinctly remember my grandfather creating
               face in the US.                                      craft alcoholic beverages to be shared with family
                                                                    and friends in our basement in the early 1950’s.
                 This new reality creates opportunity and seeming-  I am sure that he never heard the word “bioter-
               ly valid reasons and excuses for the US Government  rorism” or even remotely considered that he was
               to promote or enhance safety rules and regulations  brewing a beverage that later would be considered
               to protect us from various forms of terrorism.       a “food” controlled by the US Government.
               These protections add compliance burdens to many
               US companies, large and small, including craft         The events that occurred in New York on
               breweries.                                           September 11th changed our lives, for better
                                                                    or worse. Some change promoted by the US
                 Though almost everyone has an opinion as to        Government occurred soon after the 9-11 attacks,
               whether these additional compliance burdens posi-    and other transition occurred later through legisla-
               tively or negatively affect our daily lives, companies  tion passed by the US Government, or anti-terror-

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