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Craft Beverage

               ICE CIDER, CIDRE DE GLACE


               By: Robin Dohrn-Simpson
                 A       pples are prevalent in the northern cli-   dessert cider that transcends aperitif and des-

                         mates. Canada, Washington, Vermont,
                                                                    sert liqueur. That’s what Montreal-born François
                         Norway and Denmark are all famous for      Pouliot did in 1994. “It was time to make changes,”
               their apples.                                        Francois said about his pivotal career move. “It
                                                                    was time to transition out of a long and lucrative
                 In the eastern United States and Canada you will   film and video making career.”  François bought
               find Cortland, Empire, Spartan, McIntosh, Liberty    a property south of Montreal, in the township of
               and Rome apple. Now Honeycrisp is coming into        Hemmingford that was surrounded by an apple
               our horizons. What to do with these beauties         orchard. His intent was to start a vineyard, but
               besides coat them in caramel and make cider?         Christian Barthomeuf, his then mentor, had the
                                                                    inspiration of Ice wine made with apples. François
                 How about creating a new industry of a sweet       thought it was amazing and decided to keep all

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