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            Enjoy the charm and amenities of Elkhart Lake’s world-class

                           A Legendary Getaway

            Long ago, Native Americans referred to Elkhart Lake as “the chosen spot” for its awesome natural beauty.
            Since then, its deep pristine water, cedar tree-lined shores and nearby glacial hills and forests have drawn
            celebrity and everyday visitors year after year from across our country and around the world.

            From the sounds of conch shells blown over the lake to   From the days when a village of tepees was perched on
            signal dusk to the clamor of slot machine nickels dropping   a hill near its boat landing, to today when you can find
            into tin trays, Elkhart Lake is rich with history and legend.   world-class amenities tastefully woven into its authentic
            Over the years it has been a gathering place for gangsters,  charm, the fish are larger, the water is cleaner and the
            gamblers and generations of families. The world’s top    smiles are bigger at Elkhart Lake.
            race car drivers and competitive athletes have made
                                                                   Legends were published from 1866 to 1892. Still more
            their way through the village to enjoy its unspoiled,
                                                                   have come to be told today. Here are our favorite,
            authentic charm.
                                                                   condensed versions.
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