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In The Winery

               Special Events: Identifying

               Legal Issues – Part 1

               By: Brian D. Kaider, Esq.
               A      cres of rolling hills covered in fruit-covered   sary party, the threshold question is whether the

                      vines are an idyllic setting for large gather-
                                                                    winery is even permitted to hold the event.
                      ings and special events.  But, for wineries,
               there are a host of legal concerns that must be                         Zoning Laws
               addressed or they could lose their license or even
               be subject to criminal prosecution.                    Zoning laws vary dramatically, not only state-to-
                                                                    state, but even among cities and counties within
                ARE YOU ALLOWED TO HAVE THE EVENT?                  a state.  Most, however, have some limitation on
                                                                    the number and/or size of special events.  Wineries
                 Whether it is a hosted event that is open to the   need to know how their jurisdiction defines a “spe-
               public or a private event, like a wedding or anniver-  cial event” and what restrictions are in place.  For

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