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             "Where all generations encounter Christ
             through God's people and creation."

                                                                               Dear Parents,
             Dear Camper,
                                                                               Why send your children to Sugar Creek
               Where can you go swimming, horseback riding, make             Bible Camp?
             a s’more, sing by the campfire, play and pray, all in the         Because camp changes lives! Sugar
             same place? Sugar Creek Bible Camp! Whether it’s your           Creek helps our young people to be
             first time coming to camp, or your 7th summer, NOW IS           fun environment, which is so important in
                                                                             grounded in a Christ-Centered, safe, and
             THE TIME TO REGISTER!                                           than ever before.                           SUGAR CREEK
                                                                             today's society! Maybe more important
              OR MAIL IT BY MARCH 15 AND RECEIVE A                            We know that there is a lot of
              FREE SUGAR CREEK T-SHIRT!                                     competition for summer activities, but in a
                We have loads of fun activities planned for your week
                                                                            world that is very different than even 10 or
              and there will be an awesome counselor guiding you            15 years ago, Sugar Creek provides a place
              along the way. Summer staff members are hired because         importance of staying connected in our
                                                                            for our youth to grow. It reinforces the
              of their commitment to Christ and desire to have fun with     churches and Sunday schools. It is a place
              campers!                                                      where children can see role models in our
                Check out the rest of this brochure: we have GREAT
                                                                            college-aged staff who love Jesus and can
               programs designed just for you! We’d love to have you        excite them to a life of faith.
               join us at camp this summer: it will be a week you’ll         Sugar Creek is a place where we
               never forget! Sugar Creek is a place for all ages, in all   encourage youth to make good “choices,”
               seasons. No matter who you are, we have a program           of faith brings, and to help them at a time
                                                                           to share the love, joy and hope that a life
               designed for you!                                           in their life that is so formative. Please
                         SIGN UP TODAY to ensure your spot!                make plans for your children to join us in

                                                                           the summer of 2018 for a week of camp!
                                   Sugar Creek
                     Christ-Centered…Spirit Led…Bible Fed!                         They will never forget it!

                                                Sugar Creek Is…

          …outdoors!                          …a partnership with your            …small group focused!
           Campers need quality time          congregation!                         Our philosophy is that young
          outside. Our programs get them       We are here to serve you! Join us   people learn and grow best in small
          in touch with creation in ways that   for Confirmation Camp or Day camp   groups. Your child will be with 6-8
          lead to awe, respect, and curiosity.   (p. 9), Youth Retreats (p. 11), Adult   other campers and one
          Meals, Bible studies, worship, and   Retreats (p. 12), or book your own   counselor for most activities,
          fun activities all happen in God's   retreat (p. 14)! Our programs are   allowing for personal
          beautiful creation.                 designed to support the ministry of   relationships and individual
                                              your congregation and your home!    attention.

             For by grace you have been saved, through faith – Ephesians 2:8                                          3

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