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             YOUTH ENTERING GRADES 9 - 12

                  New Program!
                                              NYG-2-GO… Entering Grades 9 - 12

                                               Calling all Youth Groups, Youth    to home! Your week will be built
                                              Directors, and Pastors! Are you     around hands-on time serving the
                                              heading to Houston for the National   camp in a variety of service projects,
                                              Youth Gathering this summer? If     while also participating in many fun
                                              yes, then come to this new camp     camp activities, Bible Study, and
                                              designed just for your group! NYG-  sharing times, reinforcing the idea
                                              2-GO is an opportunity for you and   that service is service, no matter    GRADES 9 - 12
                                              your youth group to debrief all the   where you are!
                                              amazing experiences you had at        We know the National Youth
                                              the National Youth Gathering and    Gathering is expensive, so we
                                              answer the question, “Now what?”    are offering NYG-2-GO for a very
                                               Offered a few weeks after you      reduced rate! Pastors and Youth
                                              return, and based on the NYG        Directors can attend for free!
                                              theme, this camp gives you time       Date: July 29 - Aug. 3
                                              to continue learning and growing
                                              in your faith and the opportunity     Cost: $275
                                              to put your faith into action close

                                              Riverboaters…            Entering Grades 9 - 12

                                               Join friends new and old on a      and 2 counselors, one of whom
                                              memory-making journey down the      is a lifeguard. This is a fantastic
                                              Mississippi River! You can explore   experience for high school youth!
                                              the dunes, swim, slide, boat, laugh,
                                              and play in the beauty of God’s       Cost: $480 or Tier 1 (your choice)
                                              amazing creation! Enjoy campfires
                                              and Bible study on the sandbars
                                              as well as intentional community-
                                              building activities. Each boat
                                              group consists of up to 10 campers

                                              SIT-LIT… Grades 11 - 12
                                              STAFF IN TRAINING - LEADERS IN TRAINING
                                               Have you ever wondered what        in a cabin and help lead activities
                                              it would be like to work at Sugar   like games, Bible Study, pool time,
                                              Creek? Are you interested in being a   and campfires. (SIT-LITs go home on
                                              leader in your home congregation?   weekends.)
                                              In this two-week program, you will
                                              experience group building and        Cost: $460 or Tier 1 (your choice)*
                                              adventure activities, hone your     *Cost applies to entire 2 week
                                              leadership skills, and learn the basics  program
                                              of being on camp staff. The second
                                              week you will shadow a counselor

             For by grace you have been saved, through faith – Ephesians 2:8                                          7

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