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         General Info             Register Now! Change Later!         Discounts and Promotions

           Camp sessions begin Sunday with registration from          •  Families with three or more children attending
         2:00-4:00 PM and END FRIDAY WITH A CLOSING                     camp can receive a discount. Call camp for
         PROGRAM FOR FAMILIES AT 1:00 PM. Please allow time             more details.
         to park and walk. PICK UP IS NO LATER THAN 1:30 PM           •  Camperships are often available through your
         FRIDAY. Pilgrims times vary (see p. 4). Late arrivals or early   home congregation. Please contact your church
         departures must notify the camp.                               for information. Further campership assistance
         • Register ASAP online, by mail, or by fax with CC info!       is available by calling Sugar Creek’s Executive
           We do not register by phone.                                 Director. Campership assistance is completely
         • Sugar Creek reserves on a first paid, first registered       confidential.
           basis. Remember that you can register early and if
           you need to change weeks due to other scheduling           Policies                                           REGISTRATION INFO
           conflicts we are happy to help you switch! Register
           while we still have openings. We must have your            •  Sugar Creek’s dress code requires campers and
           registration form and a $100 deposit to hold your spot.      staff to dress modestly. Clothing graphics need
           The deposit is deducted from the total fee and is non-       to be appropriate for a Christian setting.
           refundable after June 1, 2018.                             •  Swimwear for girls must be a one piece suit or a
         • Call camp or e-mail: if you would          tankini; boys must wear swim trunks. No bikinis
           like to arrange a payment plan.                              or speedos are permitted.
         • You must call the camp if you need to cancel your          •  Sugar Creek Bible Camp does not discriminate
           child’s registration.                                        on any basis.
         • Sugar Creek reserves the right to cancel or                •  As part of our ministry and experiencing the
           consolidate programs based on low enrollment or              outdoors, Sugar Creek Bible Camp's policy
           other extenuating circumstances.                             is that campers leave cell phones and other
                                                                        technology at home.

         Day Camp                                                       Confirmation Camp

           Sugar Creek Bible Camp’s summer staff will bring energy,     Entering Grades 6 - 8 (generally)
         enthusiasm, music, and a great program to your church. Day       Sugar Creek offers two exciting weeks of
         Camp is a fun-filled week, especially designed to complement   Confirmation Camp. Campers can enjoy all
         any Christian Education Program. The Day Camp program          the great activities of camp, meet new friends,
         includes exciting skits, interactive Bible studies, nature activities,   and spend time with their confirmation class
         games, camp songs, and more!                                   in one of our lodges or amidst God’s glorious
         •  Our program is designed for young people entering grades    Creation! The rest of the time is spent with
           1-5. Your church volunteers may run a preschool program      your counselors and cabin group canoeing,
           concurrent with Sugar Creek’s.                               swimming, hiking, horseback riding, and more!    DAY CAMP & CONFIRMATION CAMP
         •  Base cost for 3 staff is $1200 + mileage for Sugar Creek    •  Pastors (or youth workers) come free
           member congregations and $1500 + mileage for non-              of charge, are required to attend with
           member churches. If your Day Camp has more than 35 kids,       their confirmands, and lead 1  / 2 hours of
           you will receive additional staff at $240 each for every       confirmation time Monday-Thursday.
           additional 10 kids. You may also request additional staff for   •  Pastors, please call to register your group!
           your day camp at $240 per counselor.                           Dates: June 10 - 15 & July 22 - 27
         •  Our program and schedule are flexible to meet your church’s   Cost: Tiered Pricing (Recommended Tier 2)
                                         specific needs. Consider
                                         partnering with other
                                         Christian churches in your
                                         area to host an ecumenical,
                                         community Day Camp!
                                         Please contact us for more
                                         information about this
                                         exciting opportunity for
                                         your church and community.

             For by grace you have been saved, through faith – Ephesians 2:8                                         9

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