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               As Trend’s new editors-in-chief, we were humbled by this amazing opportunity and excited to
               leave our footprint on this one of a kind publication. This position has been taken on by some
               pretty big shoes and we were so honored to fill them and produce another beautiful issue. We
               are so excited to share with you the 24th issue of Trend Magazine, “Subdued Neutrality.”

                                                 With this issue, we hope to show you that less is
                                                 more. As you flip through the pages, you’ll find
                                                 that minimalism and muted colors are the new
                                                 black. Through the different fashion shoots, you
                                                 will find a sense of movement that will leave you
                                                 feeling refreshed and inspired. The directors put
                                                 their own twists on the theme and infused their
                                                 talents during shoots to create an all-around crisp
                                                 and cohesive magazine.

                                                 This issue would not be what it is without the
                                                 help of every committee. Thank you to our
                                                 editorial, design, photography, fashion, events,
                                                 online, public relations, social media, advertising,
                                                 and finance directors for pulling off another
                                                 breathtaking issue. This publication illustrates
                                                 everyone’s hard work, dedication, talent and
                                                 passions. Each page is unique, different and full
                                                 of creativity. We hope you enjoy reading.


                                                 Reed Barron, Emma Hassemer, Sarah Paul


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